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On October 30 the Specialized Academic Council of National Academy of Management held the hearings of two theses: «Formation of state priorities of investment support of Ukraine’s AIC innovation development in the process of European integration» (devoted to the working out and substantiation of theoretical and conceptual bases and methodological tools of formation of investment state support mechanism of agro-industrial complex’ innovative development, which forms the national development priorities of the agricultural economy and outlines preconditions for European integration in the agricultural sector of the national economy) by V. Hotra for a Doctor's degree in Economic sciences; and «Economic and organizational levers in regulatory policy of innovative development of Ukraine’s economy» (dedicated to theoretical, methodological and practical issues of regulatory policy for the innovative development of Ukrainian economy) by M. Shkoda for the Candidate of Economic Sciences degree. 

In the photo: Rector of the Academy, Professor Sergii Ierokhin; Chair of Specialized Academic Council Mykola Yermoshenko, Academic Secretary Iryna Shtuler, Deputy Chair of Specialized Academic Council  Grygorii Burlaka. 

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