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In March 2016 editorial board of «Actual Problems of Economics» along with the blind reviewers has considered unusually many texts from 12 countries of the world. Due to increased interest, however, rather disappointing results we would like to analyze the key trends for March 2016:
Overall, 443 texts have been emailed. 219 of them were in English, other 224 – in Russian or Ukrainian languages (almost 50:50 split).
However, out of 443 only 79 texts have been fully approved and placed into an issue!

Thus, 364 were fully rejected or sent back to their authors for further work.

For technical reasons or because of the need to upgrade contents – 221 were reversed.
And what is most important, as many as 143 texts (sic!) were rejected because of plagiarism detection!
Around 50% of those cases, that is 71, were actually SELF-plagiarism, meaning – massive self-citing of author’s own previous works, already published and widely available online.

We would like to remind all potential authors!
Yes, we check for plagiarism, all three languages, all texts, before blind review;

Using your already published works (including PhD thesis!!) must not exceed 15% and must be properly referenced. Up to 15% of own borrowings is allowed only in the cases when you are referring to your own original methodology, patent or model, and you need to describe it again in brief detail.

P.S.: Current intaking:
For texts in Russian and Ukrainian languages – considering for October 2016.
For texts in English – considering for November 2016 issue, around half of the places available.
As of 02-04-2016.

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