On January 27-29 National Academy of Management and the journal "Actual Problems of Economics" was holding already the third meeting of our authors. This time the event was titled "Actual problems of economics: January session" and took place at the business conference venue of Holiday Inn Istanbul Airport, Turkey.

The meeting was officially opened by the Consul in Economic Affairs and Trade of the General Consulate of Ukraine Yuriy Grynevetskyi.
This was followed by the active work of two large panel sittings; the total quantity of reports, in English and in Russian - 72. Participants of the event were representing the academia from 8 countries, among which we would like to note the particularly active roles of Slovakia and Kazakhstan.
The editorial team of APE would like to thank all the participants for thoroughly prepared presentations, interesting speeches and constructive discussions which followed.

And - see you soon at some other wonderful conference place!

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