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For participation in the event we traditionally invite all our authors published during the years 2001-2016 along with their interested colleagues, partners and coauthors.
The preliminary sittings split by topics:
- global economy and international economic relation;
- national economies’ development and its management;
- enterprise finance, enterprise management;
- regional economy, urban and territorial development;
- nature management and all issues related to sustainable development;
- demography, social economics, social policy;
- finance and credit; money relations development;
- accounting and audit;
- statistics and econometrics;
- mathematical modelling in economics, IT application in economy and business.
CONFERENCE VENUE: National Academy of Management, Kyiv, Vinnytska street, 10, Ukraine. 
APPLICATIONS DEADLINE: FEBRUARY, 10, 2016. All applications – to be emailed to: prokhorova@nam.kiev.ua. Application must include the following information:
Name of the reporter;
Title of the report;
Full job title, academic degrees obtained, exact place of work (affiliation);
Contact info (email, phone, skype etc.).

No distance (off site, virtual etc.) option. Individial presence and reporting is mandatory.
Participation fee for all international participants presenting in English – 200 USD (190 EUR) per report (and the following article in the APE, one of the issues during the year 2016).
The maximum quantity of coreporters (and further coauthors) – no more than 2 people for 1 report (article).
All registered participants are independently responsible for their travels, accommodation and meals. However, upon request we can provide the hotel addresses (that proved to be of moderate prices and quality conditions during our previous events).
All texts for further publication in “Actual Problems of Economics” are to be submitted AFTER the conference during 1 calendar year after the event. For all texts – standard journal’s requirements apply (including plagiarism check and blind review).

FOR ALL FURTHER ENQUIRES (please, mind the time zone when calling):
Email – prokhorova@nam.kiev.ua
Cell - +38 095 495 4116
Skype: rina.proxorova


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