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On 18th of May, 2017, at the National Academy of Management was held annual conference "Optimism and pessimism: the ambivalence of the Ukrainian society in the spiritual and material dimensions" (in the framework of the socio-scientific project "The spiritual values of Ukrainian society in the light of cooperation between social science and theology").
We express our sincere gratitude to all the participants of this unique event, which gives an opportunity for a dialogue between representatives of different religious denominations and scientists about the spiritual and cultural problems of modern Ukrainian society and ways of overcoming them, each time charging its participants with new energy and spiritual impulse.

Photo report from the conference can be found here. 

National Academy of Management invites you to study the following areas and specialties: 

Law ►Computer ScienceSystems and Methods of Decision-making ►MarketingInternational Economics Relations ►Finance, Banking and Insurance Accounting and Taxation

If you are interested, please contact our Admissions Office to get more information: tel: +38(044) 242-24-46, +38(068) 242-24-46, e-mail: office@nam.kiev.ua.  

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Ukrainian-Georgian textbook "Essential of International Finance: Questions & Answers", edited by the Rector of the Academy, prof. S. Ierokhin. On the basis of consideration of the essence of international finance aqnd patterns of development of the global financial and monetary system, the answers to questions about functioning of the international financial markets in the context of globalization, international taxation and specifics of international financial management are given. 

On September 1, 2016, at the National Academy of Management was held a ceremony of  "Dedication to students" for the freshmen. The solemn meeting was attended by the teaching staff of the Academy, freshmen, their parents and friends.
After the ceremony first-year students went for a trip around Kyiv on Party Bus, where they could dance, sing, have fun and relax.

Vivat Academia!

2016, National Academy of Management celebrated the 24th anniversary.

During the boat trip along the Dnieper River students, alumni and teaching stuff of Academy had the opportunity of enjoying sights of Kyiv and informal communication.

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