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On July, 2-3, 2015 National Academy of Management and Suan Sunandha Rajabat University of Bangkok, Thailand successfully held the 1st International Conference “ACE-2015: Local solutions for global challenges”.

More than 50 participants from 7 countries of the world took part in 6 separate topical panels. Here we would like to note particularly active role of Thai and Indonesian researchers, for which we are extremely thankful to all of them!
Venue chosen for the event is also worth noting. All panels took place in fabulous Nong Nooch Park – Botanical Gardens of Pattaya, one of the best world green parks!
We are remembering interesting topics and emotional discussions with a lot of good feeling. And are waiting impatiently for the text to be sent for further publication by all the authors!
Many thanks for your interest – and see you again in the most interesting venues around our planet!

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