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On 4-6 August, 2015 we participated in the International Conference ICOI-2015 in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. 
ICOI is an annual huge academic and research event, always gathering hundreds of academia from various parts of the world for productive and highly interesting discussions related to innovative development and organizational innovations.

This year ICOI-2015 gathered over 200 participants from 14 countries of the world.

11 honourable professors got the title of Outstanding Professors of ICOI, 8 more researchers got awards for Outstanding Research.

And our journal – Actual Problems of Economics – got the Special Award (on the photo) of ICOI.

We are thankful to the Committee for appreciation of our work and contribution to science development. And we also thankful to all the participants and contributors of this event.

Looking forward to publishing all these materials in the issues of APE, winter-spring 2016!

Stay tuned – and let’s meet again!

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